Friday, May 16, 2014

Presenters, demonstrations and the layout for Convention 31

Presenters for this years convention:

Phil Badger - The street scape
Phil shows how the street scape has changed over time and will explain what will bring you layout to life with small cameo scenes.

Mike Bluett and Geoff Brown - Building an exhibition layout
Sharing both conventional and non-conventional ideas to build an exhibition layout that has lasted 15 years.

John Brown - Scratch building with styrene
Demonstrating scratch building methods with styrene.

Jim Crew - Advanced digital command control
Aimed at modellers who wish to know more about DCC than just installing decoders.

Ron Cunningham - So you want to be a model railway manufacturer
With over 10 years experience Ron explains the trials and tribulations of dealing with Chinese factories, customers and his favourite anti-depressants.

Richard Davis - Delec 1986 to 2005
Richard outlines his 18 year career at Delec

Roy Howarth - Detailing single deck suburbans
Detailing the current range of Sydney suburban cars including an overview of colour schemes and sourcing parts.

Ray Love and Craig Mackie - Layout design and details of Loco Depots
Part 1 will cover information on Loco sheds, round houses, water tanks and columns and de ashing pits.
Part 2 will cover information on coaling, turntables, pits and sanding arrangements.

Dave Pallas - LED lighting
For buildings, carriages and layouts.

Keiran Ryan - Developing an etched kit
Using the Penrith pedestrian bridge kit Keiran will outline the complete development process.

Nick Sheridan - Modelling the Great Western Railway
Testing operations and plans for modelling Lithgow engine terminal and switchback operated gas works, Tarana train marshalling and Raglan bank engine working.

Ben Small - The NSW Weed Train
History of the Weed Train and rolling stock used as well how to build a weed train.

Neil Sommerville - Z's and X's
For those who want a working knowledge of the 10 to 29 class locomotives that made it past 1924.

Chris Wangman - Branxton Railway Station
Researching this station for the basis of a HO layout.

John Ward - Archiving photographs and negatives
Scanning and photo shopping photographs and negatives for archiving.

Chris Winston - Driving DCC Sound
How DCC sound decoders work, what is involved in creating your own sounds and getting your decoder fitted locomotives to drive like the real thing.


Aaron Bischoff - Brush weathering rolling stock.
For beginners by a beginner. Been afraid to take to those pristine items of rolling stock and make them look like the real thing for fear of ruining them ? So was Aaron until he had a go ! He will show you how its done, what to do it with and what to do if it goes wrong.
If you would like to bring an item of rolling stock along to have a go please feel free to do so.

Geoff Langridge - Decaling
Geoff will demonstrate the latest developments in materials and techniques in this essential part of railway modelling.

Ian Black - Adding rivet detail to your models.
Billed as the conventions "most riveting topic" Ian will detail and demonstrate the tools and techniques for adding rivet detail to different materials that your models may be made from.

The Layout:

Mungo Scotts
Depicting the flour mill siding on the Rozelle goods line through various periods. Operation of various types of trains that ran through this part of the Sydney metropolitan goods network. Recent additions to the layout include full overhead catenary for electric locomotives.

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